What Will You Do Differently This Time?

Will you shepherd your attention for four whole months, keeping your eye on the prize?

Will you have genuine conversations with neighbors near and far — perhaps especially the persuadable, or those whose votes count waaaaay more than the rest of us?

Will you advocate for safe, secure, seamless, and universally accessible mail-in balloting — the single best way to fight Covid and social-network no-goodniks? [Seriously: this has to happen, and that means preparing early. Yes, it’s safe to assume that a bunch of people who are ordinarily disenfranchised might in fact vote if you made it easy. But it’s an even better bet that both Covid and the no-goodniks will be in full swing by October/November. Let’s prepare for the worst of both.]

Will you assume the outcome?

Will you approach the outcome as a final referendum on good and evil, or a definitive, unsurvivable rejection of those whose views you would vote out? [If not, how might you communicate that you’re prepared to live and work together — six feet apart and masks on, please — after November?]