Editorial Services

All great ideas begin as, well, ideas.

In order to turn into action, though, ideas first have to be committed to writing.

Understandably, that’s not easy: Are the ideas clear? Is the language cogent, concise, and compelling? Does this even make sense outside my own head?

I love playing with big ideas and turning them into clear, compelling written materials. With extensive experience as an editor and as an Akimbo workshop coach, I’m happy to help you craft prose you’re proud of.

Great ideas are always in demand. When it’s time to communicate them as clearly and compellingly as possible, I hope you’ll drop me a line.

Past Projects

The Book of Java, co-authored by alumni of the altMBA

Endeavor, Scott Perry (updated edition)

Word Glue, Louise Karch (updated international edition)

War on the Rocks (freelance copy editing)

Plus websites, articles, investment pitches, and more