I help thoughtful, mission-driven people refine their ideas — out loud and on the page.

Coaching and Consulting

The leaders I work with have no shortage of ideas. Instead, the hard part for them is discerning which ones to pursue, for what reasons, in which order.

If you’re bringing a worthy project to life and hear yourself most clearly in conversation with someone else, please feel free to get in touch to see if we might work well together.


I’ve been a professional editor for years, and have worked at every stage of the process from ghostwriting to copy-editing. Past projects and products have included books, websites, online courses, business plans, and investment prospectuses.

These days, I primarily offer developmental line editing: taking your words on the page from good to great.

If you have a piece of writing you’re looking to put into the world and you’d value an extra ear to help tune your voice and extra eyes to ensure the en-dashes and em-dashes are consistent and correct, please drop me a line.