Sometime in the fall, I remember putting together a list of concerts I wanted to see. Farthest out but at the top of my wish list was John Prine with Emmylou Harris at Wolf Trap.

There’s nothing like picnicking on the lawn at a national park while watching a favorite act — and tonight was supposed to be that night.

Obviously, it won’t be. But, unlike so many other shows I hoped to see this year, it won’t be rescheduled, either. John died of Covid-related complications on April 7th. I’m not normally a YouTube comments reader, but I remember seeing a comment shortly afterward that summed it up perfectly: “I’ve never been so affected by the death of someone I don’t know.”

I was lucky enough to see John live once, and I’ll treasure that memory forever. And I suppose I’ll always have to wonder what he would have sounded like with Emmylou, who is magical.

Lo and behold, John left us one last song: “I Remember Everything.” It’s no substitute, but at least we have a little something extra to remember him by.