Family Feuds

Two articles on internecine strife this week — one short and one long.

First up, an FT column by Janan Ganesh on the problem of elite overproduction. The college-industrial complex is turning out lots of credentialed graduates, but many can’t find work worthy of their credentials. And they’re fed up — especially in the United States, where credentials come with crippling debt.

Second, an in-depth article from Politico on what went wrong in Michigan during and after the election, and what that portends for the Republican Party and the country at large.

The short version, writes Tim Alberta, is that “Trump failed to win Michigan. But he succeeded in convincing America that a loss, no matter how conclusive, may never again be conclusive enough.”

And where does that leave us?

There is little cause for optimism. If the majority of GOP politicians couldn’t be bothered to do the easy work of debunking crackpot conspiracy theories, how likely are they to do the hard work of hardening our democracy?