Cheers to the Coordinators and Curators

The great thing about the current generation of ecommerce is that you can find just about anything, anywhere. Locally made ugly sweaters with the most up-to-the-minute reference to what’s going on in town? Check.

The challenge can be finding exactly the right option amidst the crowd, and that’s where coordinators and curators — in the media and in the business community — come in.

Just today, I was looking to expand my local-shopping palette; thanks to Washingtonian, I came across the Shop Small D.C. site, which aggregates and lightly curates makers and sellers in the capital region.

This was, apparently, a mid-Covid adaptation — and a great example of the way even a relatively simple solution can really pay off. It’s not as easy to search as Amazon, but simply clicking on fun logos brought me to some great shops I would likely never have found otherwise.

If you’re looking for a unique bundle of joy, your best friend is likely a good bundler of small sources.