It’s Possible

It’s possible to imagine how all this must feel for children.

It’s possible to take less than a minute to speak to them calmly and clearly and compassionately.

It’s possible to wrap in some good ideas for parents.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Adern just showed the world it’s possible in this declaration of the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny as essential workers.

We’re going to hear a lot of arguments in the United States over the coming months about seriousness, what it takes to be leader of the Free World®, and greatness.

We are almost certain to hear more about how younger people, or non-male people, or not-so-pale people, or other kinds of people couldn’t possibly do this.

It’s likely we’re going to hear about at least one “moonshot,” new or (likelier) old.

Could it be possible that we’re just a little too wrapped up in re-defeating the Soviet Union?

Could it be possible to talk — even for a moment — to people who are young enough to worry about the tooth fairy and not old enough to read the news?

Could it be possible to talk seriously about the experience of a generation (or two, or three) that was promised the world and then got a forever war, a Great Recession, and a pandemic/depression?

Could we talk about that for even 50 seconds … and could it possibly be fun?