Too Little, Too Late

Last week, I had a chat with a friend in Australia who casually mentioned that she’d be logging in to her myGov account to sort out some Covid-related details.

This morning, I woke up to news that any American who’s used tax-filing software likely won’t get a direct deposit, and may not get a check at all for at least 20 weeks.

(Apparently, refunds through tax-prep companies are processed through special bank accounts before they ultimately land in the customer/taxpayer’s account — with the intermediary banks and tax-prep companies each getting a cut along the way, of course.)

Now, there’s still hope: the IRS is putting together a portal where you can input your bank information for direct deposit. But, no surprise, it looks like the rush job it is:

No further comment, save this: before we talk about the greatness that was, is, or yet might be, let’s focus on rolling out some trustworthy, effective, 21st-century governance services.

Less than a month’s rent, four and a half months late, is the economic equivalent of our epidemiological bungling.