Leavin’ Songs

Today begins a new “adventure drive” — and a longer one by far than any previous.

Since every road trip needs a playlist, here are a few songs for starters:

  • “The Load-Out/Stay,” by Jackson Browne
  • “Flyin’ Shoes,” by Townes Van Zandt (though I usually listen to Lyle Lovett’s version)
  • “Adios to California,” by John Hiatt
  • “The Road Goes on Forever,” by Robert Earl Keen (or Joe Ely’s cover)
  • “L.A. Freeway,” by Guy Clark

The drive’s a bit longer than that, but that’ll get us rolling.

Wherever you are and whatever you’re up to today, cheers to a new adventure.


And you put the pink card in the mailbox
Leave the key in the old front door lock
They’ll find it likely as not
I’m sure there’s something we have forgot
Oh Susanna, don’t you cry, babe
Love’s a gift that’s surely handmade
We’ve got something to believe in
Don’t you think it’s time we’re leaving?

— Guy Clark, “L.A. Freeway”