Reading Together

Over the past several weeks, a friend and I have been working our way through some wayfinding books.

We started with the classic What Color is Your Parachute?, moved on to Designing Your Life, and have The New Rules of Work in the on-deck circle.

Enough people have already celebrated each of these books that there’s no point in adding another blurb.

Instead, I want to highlight how we’re reading them: we schedule an hour each week to meet on Zoom and work through a chapter together. Or not together, exactly, but independently with video on, under time constraints, and with scheduled time to share insights and questions.

Sure, we’re 80/20-ing these books — but that’s 80 percent further than we were getting when we’d each bought them with best intentions and let them simply pave our shelves, as it were.

This might or might not work for a novel (I haven’t tried it and I’m not eager to), but if there’s some work you’d like to get done, it’s amazing how much momentum you can get by scheduling it and working together — even virtually.