On- and Off-Ramps

It’s worth designing healthy and sane on- and off-ramps into a project right from the get-go.

Especially if it’s a modular, remote, at-will, generosity-fueled project.

The future of work, and particularly good work that starts, runs, or scales largely on goodwill, depends on letting people come in and contribute their talents, then gracefully cycle off when it no longer makes sense for them to be on board.

Design these early and they’ll save a lot of heartache, ego, and reputation, later.

[Note: designing these is one thing, but learning to use them is another. Just like asking for what we want, tapping out when that’s the right move is often a learned skill. If you want in, we want you — but if and when you want out, we want you to ask. It’s better for everyone.]


HT to the amazing Lisa Lambert for this idea.