Reflection Before Resolution

We all know the stats on new year’s resolutions.

Statistically speaking, they don’t work.

Most people will say that’s because we’re not very good at habit-building. And I’d say that’s true — brute force and best intentions don’t often translate into habits.

But I’d also say it’s because we generally don’t prepare to instill habits.

It really is remarkable what you can accomplish in a year if you set your mind to it — and especially if you do some stretching and route-mapping before you run the marathon.

If 2020’s going to be truly different for you, it’s worth reflecting now about what’s going to happen in January. (Hint: “everything” probably won’t be.)

Without further ado, four resources that have helped me the most with reflection and direction-setting over this past, most unusual year:

The Pact” — Seth Godin
“At some point, you’ll need to make a deal with yourself.”

Prototyping a New OS for 2019” — Sara Kalick
From chaos through control to controlled chaos.

21st Century Creative Foundations Course — Mark McGuinness
If you’re going to make a resolution for the coming year, why not make it truly a year-long commitment? In 28 brilliant lessons over 52 weeks, Mark will walk you through what matters and how to create it. (Free, self-paced, by email.)

Habit Secrets — Michael Bungay Stanier and Box of Crayons
How to build rock-solid habits, as demonstrated with a Barrel o’ Monkeys, claymation, and sparklers. Really.