Who’s Your Manager?

No, not your boss, or whomever else you technically report to.

Who’s actually managing your work? Who defined success so long ago you haven’t reconsidered it in years, and who’s really setting your strategy now?

Who’s deciding what gets measured, or what matters?

Seth Godin points out the importance of making a conscious decision about what your career is for.

But our ideas about what our work is for probably flow from our ideas about who it’s for.

I had a professor who talked about the committee each of us carries inside our heads — the voices and personas who “advise” us on what’s happening and what we’re doing. Some people have a permanent seat on the committee, he told us, but you can add or replace others.

If your committee isn’t serving you well anymore, see what you can do to change it.

You owe it to yourself. (Your boss might appreciate it, too.)