Unbundling the Company

If the gig economy turns out to be durable, which I expect it will, it begs a question as to how we want to interact with big legacy companies and they with us.

Legacy companies have advantages of scale, prestige, and access. Nobody gets in trouble for hiring the consultants that everyone has heard of.

Small companies (including but not limited to solopreneurs), however, tend to have advantages of agility and originality. They might also have specific domain expertise that a global company would struggle to match on a local project.

What might happen, then, if some of the most prestigious legacy companies began to think of themselves as in-and-out networks rather than up-or-out pipelines?

It would probably feel scary for a comfortable company to begin to think and act as a curator of people and projects rather than a deliverer of a proven product. But I would bet there’s a lot of value in making a move like this.

Perhaps it could start with and for companies at smaller scale.