Circular Breathing

During my high school trumpet-playing days, I learned a technique called circular breathing. I never mastered it, but the idea is that a brass player who needs to hold a note longer than any possible breath can puff out his cheeks and use that air to sustain a note for a moment while he sneaks a quick breath through his nose.

From time to time, we’re all asked to sustain an activity beyond our natural endurance. And, at those times, we have to find techniques to keep up our output and get our necessary inputs even by unusual methods.

How do you sleep when rowing across the ocean? How do you rest during a 100-mile bike ride? How do you keep your commitments when life feels exceptionally busy?

Sometimes, you need to know how to do the thing that will leave everyone asking, “How does he do that?”

The answer is never magic, or superhuman. Fundamentally, it’s all about finding a more effective technique.