Leveling Up

Today begins a new adventure.

I’m starting the monthlong sprint of Seth Godin’s altMBA, fulfilling a dream I’ve had since I first heard Seth ask, “What is school for?

I’ve got the first-day-of-school shivers, which are a powerful reminder of the value of going on an adventure like this on a regular basis.

Some of my biggest growth spurts have come from experiences like this, when I’ve signed up to be stretched and stepped into it for all I’m worth. (Tip o’ the cowboy hat and the bicycle helmet to NOLS, Alanya, Galway, Omak, Skagway, and On Being.)

Like many people, I have a pattern of associating adventure with faraway places.

But I’ve come to see that adventure is often available much closer to home. It’s mostly a matter of attitude.

This should be an amazing month. And, as summer winds its way toward September, I hope you’re able to find an opportunity for adventure, too.

Cheers to leveling up.