Assume, for a moment, that 2021 does not instantly recover the old normal.

Assume, further, that the old normal never fully comes back. (It never does.)

How would you want society to look, feel, and function if things are more like they are now than like they were (or seemed to be) a year ago — for years into the future?

A lot of people have made a lot of big bets this year: new houses, new jobs, new kids, and more. Many others are waiting to see what happens.

But if you assume that many of the contours of the current situation are sticky — that some knowledge workers remain in (or return to) cities while others settle into their new semi-urban lifestyles, while “essential” workers of all stripes work ever harder and faster to reach the creator/consumer classes — then you’d really want to rethink education, health, and tax policy, wouldn’t you?