Information Speed

It’s no secret to say that information is getting faster, or that there’s more of it.

But it’s always pertinent to remember that there are cases in which more information isn’t better, either in terms of the quality of information itself or the speed or quality of decisions — which is what information is ultimately for.

With so little signal amidst the noise anymore, watching another debate, reading another op-ed, or viewing another advertisement almost certainly can’t pass any kind of a “what’s it for?” test.

If it’s bias-confirming in a way that helps you get through the day, that might be a good enough reason to consume it. But it’s worth being clear about what’s infotainment or soothsaying.

Sportscasts are full of information — even statistics. But when was the last time your team’s performance in alternate uniforms during this phase of the moon back in 1977 predictive of what actually happened this time?