We Don’t Need a Third Debate, Either

With the second debate officially canceled, can we just go ahead and scratch the third one, too?

After all:

  • Debates aren’t about information or substance. They haven’t been for a long time. The people who really want you to watch are television executives, social media executives, and (perhaps) the president.
  • The last debate showed the choice plenty clearly: it’s Joe Biden, who requires no further introduction, versus Donald Trump, who also requires no further introduction. Moreover, the president showed he was perfectly capable of turning it up to 11 even before the steroids. Anybody want four more years of that?
  • And, of course, in the last battle of the high-risk septuagenarians, one of them already had a perhaps-unconfirmed case of Covid. Who’s for running that risk again pre-election?

What more do you need or want to see, really?