Brace Yourself

The way things are going — in society, on Twitter, and with Covid — it is extremely likely that the majority of people who actually show up to vote in person on November 3 will be wearing similar hats and casting similar votes.

The way things have been going in our media for years, it is virtually guaranteed that TV will show endless images of voting the way we expect it to look. After all, it has the twin advantages of showing us the process we expect and sowing fear about a result we don’t want.

Do not despair. Just because a mail-sorting center is kind of chaotic, not too photogenic (if they can even get in there), and difficult to explain, that doesn’t mean it’s not where a lot of ballots are going.

Remember, open-outcry trading ceased to matter years ago. The traders we see on TV are mostly there so they can be shown on TV — the real action happens in nondescript server farms far away from the trading floors.

So, by all means, cast your ballot safely and properly. But don’t assume that who or what you see live from the polls is the part of the election that matters.