“The Sun Will Come Up …”

Today’s a good day to think back to the day after election day, 2016. Plenty of people were stunned and sobbing; others pointed out that the sun had still come up and birdies still chirped that morning, as they would the next day and the days and years after that.

This morning, indeed, the sun came up and the birdies chirped. As far as we know, they don’t know or care that the Republican Party not only nominated the same candidate four years later, but didn’t even bother to update their platform in the process.

But more than 180,000 Americans weren’t around to see the sun come up or hear the birdies chirp. The question isn’t whether the earth will still be turning in four years — let’s not give the guy too much credit here — but whether we’d make the same decision today, or, if we did, whether we’d like the country we’d be living in after four more trips around the sun.