The Paradox of Speaking Up

It’s true: what the world doesn’t need is a lot more blather from people accustomed to blathering as they like and as if it mattered.

But if it’s also true that silence equals complicity, then all voices are needed.

The opportunity is to learn to become more mindful in speaking, listening, and gathering:

  • Asking who is and isn’t in the room
  • Creating openings and providing signal-boost for people who might go unheard
  • Thinking before speaking
  • Concisely telling what we know, and then stopping
  • Listening to understand and (maybe) respond
  • Eagerly seeking and accepting honest, generous, relevant feedback
  • Humanely providing the same

Imagine going to a conference where everyone had a live microphone all the time.

With many of the traditional gatekeepers gone, the invitation is to help curate your own contributions and the conversation around you.