“Thank You for Your Service”

That sort of insipid phrase is now both a touchstone and a trope in our culture. And, like so much else in our culture, it can be polarizing.

Who’s it for?

What’s it for?


And what, if anything, are we actually willing to sacrifice for those who’ve faced terror and done their duty so that others might live?

Frankly, our track record isn’t great.

We’re three presidents and five terms into the War on Terrorism, and terrorism (foreign and domestic) is doing just fine. The war itself is old enough to vote, and we keep voting for it.

Sure, we might have to go into the pandemic with the insurance-industrial system we have, not the healthcare system we might want or wish to have in the future … but, sooner or later, the pandemic will abate and the future arrive.

And what will we choose to say and do, vote for and pay for, then?