“Traffic and Storms”

I was listening to a Broken Record podcast interview with Jason Isbell yesterday morning, and Jason said something so good I have to steal it.

There’s a lot of great and wise material in that show, much of it to do with training and focusing the attention (which is something I’ve been playing with pretty extensively over the past five weeks coaching the altMBA).

And the line that just nailed me (as near as I can remember it) went like this:

There’s one way to look at life and it’s all just traffic and storms, right? I mean, we’ll be sitting in traffic till a storm comes and kills us. But I don’t like to look at life that way, and I can choose not to.

There’s plenty of other masterful and mystical stuff in there, not to mention some great music stripped down to its solo-acoustic essence.

But consider: how much traffic are you sitting in, mentally, and how are you dealing with the storms?

What sort of a life are you looking for, and what kind do you believe in?