Several Strong Reads

The single best read of the past week was Kevin Kelly’s brief, witty, and typically insightful “68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice,” presented on the occasion of his own 68th birthday. Sure enough, I re-learned one the hard way just the other night, when I found a lost item within easy arm’s reach of where I’d last seen it — just on the other side of the wall, where I hadn’t looked hard enough.

Next up were some more technical but eminently accessible reads about remote work — especially from the perspective of management and communication. Three that really stood out:

  • Matt Mullenweg’s five levels of autonomous work
  • Basecamp’s guide to team communications
  • An actual example of an internal pitch at Basecamp [Note how carefully and effectively crafted this is. When was the last time you saw — or wrote — a memo this clear?]

Finally, there was Texas Monthly‘s list of “All 143 Willie Nelson Albums, Ranked.” (Another birthday project, and no, I didn’t read every single word.) I happen to like his music — though it turns out I know a lot less of it than I’d like to think — but that’s not really the point of this project.

One hundred and forty-three albums. Just think about that for a moment: it’s more than an album a year, for more than half a century. I wouldn’t recommend $32 million in back taxes as creative fuel, but let’s take a moment to marvel at the sheer output of the guy, shall we?