Covering the Waterfront

This week’s readings covered quite some ground. Some highlights:

  • What I Learned This Week, the newsletter from investor Kiril Sokoloff: a new find via this week’s “Lunch with the FT” column by Rana Foroohar. WILTW is available by paid subscription only, but here’s a free example on de-dollarization.
  • The Mighty Currawongs and Other Stories, by Brian Doyle: a short and lovely collection of ditties, in BD’s inimitable voice.
  • Inter alia, “Ten Words Per Page” and “Get Your Memo Read,” from Seth Godin’s blog: I’ve had the opportunity to give a lot of tips and nudges on writing in the past week, and these two short reads are some of my go-to resources on writing for the web and writing for change.

I’m not sure there’s a consistent thread here, other than noticing that great writing gets read, and that now’s a great time to read widely and think deeply — on macro trends, mystical fiction about everyday miracles, more effective memo-writing, or anything else.