Crossing the Valley

“There is only one sound strategy for crossing the valley” between one success and the next, writes Kevin Kelly in New Rules for the New Economy: “Don’t go alone. …”

“Banding together allows … knowledge of the terrain to be shared [and] the long journey can become a series of shorter hops along an archipelago of small successes.” [pp. 92–93]

Those words were written in the late 90s, several generations ago in the life of the network economy.

We’re entering the valley before another generation. Like the others, it will push the borders (and the logic) of the network ever further outward and downward.

What will work look like two years, five years, 10 years from now?

I don’t know and you don’t know, but if you tell me what you’re seeing and I tell you what I’m seeing — and especially if we invite a handful of others with seriously different perspectives to the party — the chances of any one of us spotting the next island of opportunity and helping the others make the hop go way, way up.

Where are you trying to go? Who’s on the expedition?