An Easter Reader

Yes, today is Passover. And no, we won’t all be raring out of quarantine on Sunday.

[New factoid learned just yesterday: “quarantine” comes from 40 days — symbolically, a Very Long Time, hence Lent.]

But now is as good a time as any to consider the great mysteries and everyday miracles of this world:

The turning of the seasons, and the inevitability of spring.

The possibility of renewal.

The way that the life that was can end, can endure quarantine, and begin again, transformed.


Several years ago, Seth Godin, Alex Peck, and others assembled the Thanksgiving Reader — a collection of readings, reflections, and questions to share around a table during the best holiday of the year.

This Easter, my friend Emily and I created a renewal-themed version.

Please consider it an invitation to gather and reflect with those who matter, in a medium that works, at a time that’s meaningful to you. Make it fit your tradition, or make up a new tradition.

After all, we’ve got a good routine for harvest time. Why not springtime, too?

Enjoy a copy, share a copy, and stay healthy … every “quarantine” comes to an end sometime.

PS: You can also find and share the document here.

PPS: RIP John Prine, a national treasure. As long as we’re on the Easter theme, enjoy “The Missing Years.”