Easy vs. Hard Change

I was part of a good conversation on this yesterday, which clarified something about the transition to near-universal work-from-home for me:

Part of it is easy change. Most people can learn to use Zoom pretty effectively in a week, and have done so.

But part of it is hard change. Organizing and occupying yourself day after week after month is not so easy. Hosting or joining a Zoom isn’t too tough, but deciding which ones are really worthwhile or necessary might be a real challenge. And of course it only goes on from there.

Hard change is hard. That’s why you’re not as organized or productive or effective as you want to be already. If it were easy, there wouldn’t be a multi-gazillion-dollar self-help industry.

But it is possible to do hard things, or to learn to live with the ones that elude us.

The question isn’t, Will I be supremely organized forever after by the end of this crisis?

It’s more like, What’s the best use of my attention and energy now and next?