How Much Do You Need to Know?

Or, how certain do you need to be?

Assuming you don’t want to be (or seem, or feel) a fraud, there’s a good chance you’re often worried about what you don’t know, or don’t yet know that you don’t know. How, in good faith, can you possibly serve people older, wiser, or more expert than you?

It is possible, but it requires getting really clear about a few things:

  • What exactly you’re offering: are you trying to know more than the person you’re serving, or ask questions that deepen her already-expert thinking?
  • Why you’re being hired: are you here forever, or till the problem is solved? Till it’s perfect, or till it’s good enough?
  • How much you need to know: are you already a step ahead, do you need to read another book, or do you need another advanced degree?

There’s always more to learn, but it’s quite possible you already know enough to begin.