Doubling Down

In case you (or we) are not already there yet, it’s time to get really, really clear about a couple of things:

First, a serious course deviation is one thing. But doubling down on it is another. You get on the bus, only to discover it’s not the usual driver. And then you discover you’re taking an unfamiliar and sometimes frightening route. Sooner or later, the driver stops and asks, “Shall we keep going? It’s up to you?” For one reason or another, the crowd says yes. The next stage of the journey is likely to be crazier still.

Second, we’re all on the bus. To insist that we’re dismayed by the destination, or that there’s nothing to be done about it, or — well, the whole situation, really — and yet shake our heads and say the old stuff about how screwed up the whole transit system is, anyway, is to badly (willfully?) misunderstand and misrepresent the system and our place in it.