Showing Up

It’s the super-habit. The ultimate practice. The killer app.

If you’re more persistent and consistent than the rest, you’ll be fine.

The paradox is that most of us can only be that way for a limited number of people and projects.

The temptation to overcommit is limitless, and it will usually whisper to you as if each new commitment is an opportunity to show up and serve another person. That’s exactly what we like to hear (especially those of us who are pleasers), but it’s the fast track to overwhelm and under-delivery.

The antidote is what Michael Bungay Stanier calls the strategic question: “If I’m saying ‘yes’ to this, what am I saying ‘no’ to?”

Audit and budget your commitments. Then spend what you’ve budgeted — and not more.

Just like a real budget, that will put you way ahead of the pack.