A Modest Proposal

I think we can all more or less agree that some important learning and growth has to happen between the ages of about 18 and 22.

But I hope we can also agree that those ages are, in the end, fairly arbitrary — and that any intervention in those four years will probably not prove adequate, on its own, to the changes and challenges of a four-plus-decade career in the network economy.

It makes you wonder why colleges (not to mention graduate schools) sell the whole thing all at once. Especially when you also consider that they generally try to enroll a completely different group of students in their experiments with executive (modular) and online education.

I doubt the cafeterias, pools, and a cappella groups have much value left to add. If tuition keeps going up — and schools keep promising lifelong transformation — why not start demanding some honest-to-goodness lifelong learning as part of the package?