A Question

If we’re moving more and more in the direction of a project-based economy, but entrepreneurial ability remains normally distributed, how are we going to adjust?

In other words, how can we design an economy and a society that unbundles the now-customary models of jobs and careers, yet does not require every person to start her own business?

I’m fully prepared to believe that innovative and creative talent and energy are widely available throughout the population. They might even be the greatest “resource” to be “discovered” in this century.

Going solo for a while might be the best professional-developmental move you can make — for a while. But the fact remains that most startups fail, and many, many people have too many existing obligations to break out on their own.

I’m not even close to an answer on this one. But I think it’s worth taking some really unconventional looks at the way our culture is currently set up to support this kind of work (or not).