What’s Not on the Syllabus

A small litany of topics not sufficiently covered in the average curriculum anymore:

  • Relationships
  • Money and finance
  • Civics
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Classics
  • Writing
  • Public speaking and persuasion
  • The internet (how it works and what it means)
  • Leadership
  • The scientific method
  • How to learn

These are all foundational building blocks of education. The world expects that we know them, and may take advantage of us if we don’t. (Just consider compound interest.)

And yet so much more is known about all of these subjects than most of us are ever actually taught.

The best time to build these foundations was at the beginning. But there has never been a better time to shore up what was not assigned or cemented before.

If you find yourself in the all-too-common position of working on the dome of a cathedral built on sand, consider carefully whether it might be worth coming down from the scaffold from time to time.