The Flywheel

Throughout this monthlong sprint of the altMBA, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays are project days.

These are late nights and long days filled with deep conversation and work with other people who are also committed to leveling up. And, as you’d expect with people like that, this commitment is another that each of us is managing in the context of many others.

Toward the end of last night’s conversation, someone wryly observed that she’s not sleeping much this month, yet she’s found plenty of energy nonetheless.

This brought nods and knowing smiles all around. All of us seem to have found a flywheel here: we’re certainly putting energy in, but the more we put in, the more energy we find in the system.

It’s a gift, to ourselves and each other. I hope we’ll all be able to sustain momentum long after this month is over, too.

Whenever you find a project that returns the energy you put into it, step into it.