Attachment vs. Alignment

Professional services are essentially about selling outcomes.

Work with us, and you’ll break through your blocks.

Hire us to do your logo, and business will boom.

If you want to get your message to the right people, give us a call.

And, if we’re selling outcomes, we’re really dancing with attachments. People don’t hire personal trainers or consultants in order to feel comfortable doing the work; they hire them to feel better afterward.

So we have a responsibility to think clearly about the attachments and outcomes we’re playing with, and to ask ourselves and our clients if they’re in line with reality. Are we selling fad diets, or are we selling new habits that can make for healthier lives?

Being attached to an outcome — quarterly growth, body image, productivity — is one thing. Aligning with reality — creating value, living healthily, building habits that allow us to create work that matters — is something else.

If you’re going to play with attachments, it’s best to keep them aligned with reality.