The Major Leagues

There are many ways to get to the majors.

Only some of them come with a uniform with your name and number on them.

There’s only one starting shortstop on the team. If you can play that position better than everyone else, go for it.

But, for almost everyone, the day comes when we realize we won’t get that position. And then it’s decision time: do we still want to go to the show? If so, how will we get there?

It turns out that the great shortstops can do what they do because of a much larger supporting cast — many of whom never set foot on the field while the cameras are on.

Coaches, trainers, managers, scouts, batboys, you name it: it takes a lot of people and a lot of effort to put on the show.

The thing about those roles, though, is that you have to embrace not playing to succeed in them. Managers can’t play shortstop. But not many shortstops can manage, either.