Summer Reading

As June rolls to an end, the height of summer is upon us. And that means it’s time to do some real reading.

Offline, I’m deep into David James Duncan’s The Brothers K, a wild Northwestern reinterpretation of the famous Russian novel. It’s a Bildungsroman not only of the Chance brothers but of the United States in midcentury, as the old crewcut certainties give way to Vietnam and the counterculture. It’s pointed and poignant, deeply philosophical and uproariously funny.

Online, I make a daily habit of Seth Godin’s daily blog, I’ve delved deeper into the amazing resources at Farnam Street, I’m dabbling with Yuval Noah Hariri, I’ve been working my way through a novel excerpt about the borderland, I was reintroduced to Slate Star Codex, and I grinned my way through a big chunk of new friend Margo Aaron’s back catalog.

And I finally updated my library on this site. The shelves are full of podcasts, websites, articles, ebooks, and print books … head on over and check them out.