Credentials or Career?

Our culture loves collecting credentials.

And many credentials are sold as a way to advance your career. Like the “You Must Be At Least This Tall” measure before the rollercoaster, a credential is an easy way for an external eye to size you up and determine that you might be OK on this ride.

Credentials have their place, just as stepping back from the day-to-day grind of work to study and reflect can be a great way to get ready for what’s next.

But, too often, credentialing culture — and student culture — gives in to the temptation to believe that another credential is sufficient preparation.

We act as if we can focus on credentialing and our careers will take care of themselves, when in fact it’s the other way round.

Amateurs try to turn pro at turning in papers. Professionals always get their papers turned in, but they know it’s not the main point.