How Dare You Hide?

Imposter syndrome is real, and the feeling is as ugly as the term.

But here’s the thing: there’s always a reason not to be generous if you’re looking for one, or willing to take it.

The work’s not ready.

The audience isn’t ready.

You’re not ready. (And who are you to lead these people, anyway?)

You might as well accept that all those things are going to feel true any time you’re trying to do work that matters. If it’s risky enough to make a difference, it’s risky enough that you’ll be looking for the off-ramp — and you’ll surely spot one.

The moment you spot the off-ramp is the moment to ask yourself a different question:

Rather than How dare you stand up and lead?, try, How dare you hide your best work, or your best self, from the people who are already ready for what you already have to offer?

Bring it.