The Last Mile

If you’ve already made a huge investment, isn’t it worth paying the little bit extra to realize the value?

Nobody buys a sports car and then doesn’t fill the tank. Nobody buys a house and then doesn’t heat it.

We get nickel-and-dimed so often, and it’s easy to give in to resentment. An extra $50 just to bring a bag on this two-week trip halfway around the world? Really?!

Yes, it’s a gouge. But if buying the flight was worth it, bringing some clothes is probably worth it, too.

If you’ve already decided that famous degree is worth it, it’s best to budget as if you’re going to pay a little extra here and there to put it to work.

A sports car sitting in the driveway might look cool, but it’s not much fun if you can’t drive it. Ditto that diploma on the wall.