Birth and Rebirth

Mark Twain is credited with saying that the two most important days in a person’s life are the day she’s born and the day she figures out why.

Birth is no minor miracle. But, as far as we know, everybody goes through it. It’s not really a choice; it’s just how we begin our journey through this life.

Being reborn, or freely and consciously choosing to live this life, or to lead the lives we live — now, there’s something to behold. Not just anybody manages that.

For me, that decision came 10 years ago. Having spent six or seven months crawling deeper and deeper into a cave, I reached a point at which I had to choose whether to keep going into the darkness or turn back toward the light.

I chose to turn back. And although I still can’t explain exactly how or why I made that decision or actually managed to re-emerge, I’m grateful that I did.

I arrived in the world, and I chose to stick around. And now I’m working on why.

Mostly, I’m just grateful to have a chance to keep living the questions.