Smallest Viable Wins

As you may have noticed, the site will be a-changin’. (It’s not going anywhere; I’ve just changed the domain name and will be building it out.)

I’ve stayed stuck longer than I wanted to around some project scoping and sequencing lately — there are a handful of things I want to put together in the next few months, and I wanted to get the order and magnitude of operations correct.

As usual, smallest-viable wins: the smallest viable steps forward are the way out of stuck and into action. There was a way to do this that would have required the better part of a weekend and a pretty big chunk of change; as long as that felt like what was required, I could and would keep feeling stuck.

Once I saw a smaller, simpler way to proceed, I invested about an hour and an amount of money that felt small enough to risk. And, just like that, the way lies open to new creative challenges.

Time to get to work.


PS: About risking money — what’s really going on there? It’s really two risks, and the dollars aren’t the scary one. The first investment is a simple annual payment: X number of dollars are going to be working for me by keeping this domain for the coming year and not doing something else.

The second risk — the one that actually feels scary — is the work. Now that I’ve invested in a domain with my name on it, what am I going to do with it throughout the year I just paid for and beyond?