Ready, Set, Go

It’s the last month of my last class in grad school (for a grade, anyway). And of course we’re ending with one last group project.

Nobody wants to do this; knowing we have to, nobody wants to spend more time on it than absolutely necessary.

There are two things we could do at this stage: the easy one would be to procrastinate and complain now, and then cobble something together at the deadline and heave it over the transom.

The other would be to thrash now: define the project, define success, and define responsibilities, then execute sans further debate or delay.

We’re trying that way: two days to speak our minds and make sure we’re clear — and then we’re cutting off debate and holding people accountable for what we decided to do and the parts they took responsibility for.

Once we’ve agreed that we must and will cross the finish line, like it or not, there’s really no sense in doing anything other than sprinting toward it, is there?