Ask Better Questions

Another interminable campaign season is (shudder) already upon us.

In all the posturing, pontificating, and “debating,” let’s try to distinguish a little more clearly between minutiae and things that matter.

Rather than looking for better answers to meaningless questions, let’s try to put some better questions on the table.

Questions like:

  • Why are so many children hungry?
  • Why do so many Americans have to crowdfund their health costs?
  • Why is our life expectancy going down in the midst of so much wealth and power?
  • Why do so many — across 99-plus percent of the income spectrum — feel so harried and insecure?
  • Why, exactly, should any U.S. or partner forces still be in Afghanistan 20 years on?

Let’s see if we can’t find a candidate for national office who’s actually willing to ask questions that matter rather than reciting pat answers that don’t.