The rent check goes out today.

That means I’m creeping up on two years of paying for flexibility without building any equity.

The connection economy makes it easier to rent than ever before. You can rent a printing press, a media channel, or even a stranger’s house or car.

But, as always, the real value goes to the asset owners. Uber used to collect some rent from helping you rent your car; now, they’ll even rent you a car (and collect more rent from you in return).

Renting can be a good short-term strategy when you’re still getting money organized and building an asset. It can also work at scale: big companies don’t need to own their own office buildings.

The trick is not to be lulled by “free” or “cheap” forever. There are reasons to rent — and building an asset is a really good one.

Just know when it’s time to move out on your own.