Circles and Circles

We know that when we touch the web of life, it’s felt across the entire web. Drop a pebble in a pond, and the ripples keep spreading long after we stop looking.

So it is with community, perhaps especially now that so many of our communities and relationships are blended and varied across platforms and proximity. We feel close to podcast hosts we’ve never met; we sometimes find it hard to be close to those right in front of us.

I recently experienced a very powerful ripple. Someone started a community, and friends of mine became a part of it. As they accompany other people in that community on their journey through life, they decided to build another circle around themselves to accompany them — especially because their new community interacts mostly online, and they wanted to bring the experience into their face-to-face friendships.

What an honor to join them on their journey. What a joy to share it with you.

Now it’s my turn. Could it be yours, too?