Other Types of Return

What would you do if you knew it wouldn’t pay?

Assuming for a moment that you have a roof over your head and food on the table — a big assumption in a country where nearly half of us don’t have even a few hundred dollars available to cover an unexpected expense — this is a magical time to do things with an expected value of $0.

Not nothing, as in literally no value, but merely zero dollars.

It’s a great time to build attention, trust, and connection. It’s a great time to do some community service. It’s a great time to move closer to 10,000 hours (perhaps in a new or unusual direction). It’s a great time to practice crafts that bring joy but not income.

This isn’t to minimize the effects of lost income, which are already being terribly felt.

It is merely to say that attention and trust and connection are there for the making, and that learning how to make those happen tends to pay off handsomely over the long run — in every sense.